VIDEO: Cowboys are winning the Super Bowl

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, August 12th, 2013

TMZ Sports caught up with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones outside of Mr. Chow’s last night. They of course asked if the Cowboys were going to win the Super Bowl this year and you know what his answer was, an emphatic YES. After saying yes, he got in his car, shut the door and took off, interview over. It looked like he didn’t even want to be bothered, must have been past his bedtime.

Can’t blame him for thinking his team will get there, like always they have a lot of talent, on paper. Now the question is, was he confident, over confident or just saying what any other would say when asked that question?

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  1. tiger says:

    Cowboys will NEVER win while the idiot jones is running the team. He has had 18 years now to prove to the world that HE and HE ALONE can build a winning football team, let alone winning the Superbowl.
    He simply is NOT GOOD ENOUGH to do this. The ONLY time the Cowboys have had a championship caliber team was when Jimmy Johnson and BillParcells was here running the team.
    jerry…you are a below average GM and you ALWAYS put yourself ahead of the Dallas Cowboys.
    The moron is still trying to prove HE can build a great team after Jimmy left.
    You’ve done NOTHING since then jerry….except make horrible draft picks.
    Go back and look at every draft since 1996…easy to google and then you will see the busts and poor picks chosen by jerry jones the below-average GM

  2. JJ says:

    Yeah…the Cowboys will win a Superbowl after Jerry Jones either dies or sells the team. He sure can run his big pie hole and make some big talk, Too bad he can’t walk the walk and back up his big yapper.

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