Sox choose Middlebrooks over Bogaerts

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Sunday, August 11th, 2013

In a kind of surprising move the Boston Red Sox called up Will Middlebrooks instead of the highly regarded Xander Bogaerts on Saturday. Middlebrooks was demoted to Triple A after a poor start so you would think they’d give Bogaerts the chance but the team didn’t think he was quite ready yet, defensively. Strange to hear that right? A top prospect being held back for defense.

“Based on the recommendation of people that have gone through there lately, as well as talking with [Pawtucket manager Gary DiSarcina], it was very clear in his mind that Will was the choice,” Farrell said.

In regards to Bogaerts, Farrell added, “It’s more on the defensive side and the finer points of the game that right now he needs continued reps.”

In fact, Bogaerts will begin to evenly split time between shortstop and third base to provide the Red Sox with a more versatile alternative.

“We still see him as a shortstop, but if something were to happen unforeseen, he’s the next infield bat to come to us, and we have to be sure he has reps at both positions on the left side of the infield,” Farrell said. (Providence Journal)

Middlebrooks did very good in his first game back going two for four, with two runs batted in against Kansas City pitching. So who knows maybe the time in the minors did him some good, remember he was also one of the teams top prospects not too long ago.

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