Von Miller confident about winning appeal

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, August 9th, 2013

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller will finally get his day in front of an arbitrator next Thursday, August 15th. That will be the day Miller can give his side of the story. What won’t happen is him finding out his fate that day, that could take quite a few more days. Only guarantee is that he’ll know by the teams season opener on September 5th. Miller is very confident about his chances of winning the appeal too.

“I’m confident about it. Everybody is confident about it,” Miller said after the Broncos’ preseason opener Thursday night. “I think my situation is different. I’m just looking forward to getting a resolution and getting it out of the way. It’s tough enough to play football as it is, let alone when you have all this other stuff going on.” (Denver Post)

This is going to be a very interesting hearing as no one knows what Miller was suspended for except the parties involved. The league has said it wasn’t for performance enhancing drugs.

He did test positive back in 2011 for marijuana so he was already in the leagues substance abuse program. No one even knows if it meant he failed another test. Apparently the league can also suspend a player if he shows up late for his testing and counseling sessions.

George Atallah, assistant executive director of the NFL Players Association, has said Miller’s case is not about testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug.

According to the league’s drug policy, a player in the intervention program can be found in violation if he misses a test or repeatedly shows up late for testing or counseling, alters the sample or demonstrates behavioral issues. (Denver Post)

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