Udrih joins Knicks for chance to win

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, August 9th, 2013

Who would have thought it, a player joined the New York Knicks because he wanted a chance to win. I know I would have never have thought it after all these years of rejection but that’s exactly what happened. Beno Udrih signed with the Knicks because he wanted a chance to win after years of losing.

After seasons with the Kings, Bucks and Magic, Udrih wanted to win again. His agent, Marc Cornstein, said Udrih had “many offers,’’ including at least one for more than the minimum.

“He had been on rebuilding teams and he was ready to go back to the big stage,’’ Cornstein told The Post. “It was really important for him to go back to competing for a title.’’ (New York Post)

The report also says that Udrih turned down less money to sign with the Knicks. Man, he must really think they have a great chance to win. I”m sure it also helps that the Knicks use their third point guard a lot more then other teams.

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