Michael Young clears waivers but not traded

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, August 8th, 2013

There was a little baseball rumor mill excitement this morning. The news came out that Philadelphia Phillies Michael Young cleared waivers and could now be traded. Following that news the Phillies released their lineups for their afternoon game and Young wasn’t on it. Could Young have been traded that fast? Could a deal be in the works? Nope, false alarm it’s just a day of rest for his tight hamstring.

Young and Charlie Manuel said the lineup change had nothing to do with a trade, but with Young’s tight hamstring.

“I’m fine,” Young said. “I’m pretty sure if it was a night game I would have played, but a day game after a night game … I just did some work on it and it’s already starting to feel better. So I’m available to pinch hit and I expect to be in the lineup tomorrow.” (The Zo Zone)

I’m still quite surprised that Young cleared waivers. I’d have thought a team on the fringe of the playoffs would have put in a claim to block a top contender, someone like the Boston Red Sox who could really use the help.

I do think it’s a long shot Young gets moved at this point as Ruben Amaro Jr just has no clue what the hell he wants to do. That and Young still has that no trade clause. If an injury happens maybe a team will finally pay whatever crazy price Amaro has been asking.

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