Brandon Jennings not guaranteed to start

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Brandon Jennings is expecting to start this year with the Detroit Pistons and who can blame him after the success he’s had with the Milwaukee Bucks. Surprisingly though the Pistons have decided the point guard position is up for grabs and Jennings will have to earn it. His competition in training camp will be Chauncey Billups, Will Bynum and rookie Peyton Siva.

“I don’t know yet,” Dumars said Tuesday after introducing Jennings in a news conference at The Palace. “I can tell you what Mo has told every guy from Chauncey to Brandon to every guy. He said, ‘Look, come in and earn it. I’m going to give it to whoever earns it.’ He said that to every single guy.

“He said, ‘Joe I’m not going to put myself in a trick box where I’m committing myself to something and it doesn’t play out.’ So, he’s kept it wide open. He said, ‘Let’s see what happens.’ That’s exactly what he said. That’s exactly how it’s going to be.”

Dumars also said no decision has been made as to who will be the starter at shooting guard. (MLive)

Jennings has been saying all the right things over the past few days. Things like he’s gotten a lot of talent around him and he no longer has to be the shoot first point guard he was in Milwaukee. As long as he backs that up in camp I don’t see how he’ll lose the point guard battle.

“I definitely have to change my game for this team,” Jennings said. “We have a bunch of great players.

“The things I was doing in Milwaukee, I won’t have to do here – take all those bad shots – because we have so many pieces.”(Detroit Free Press)

There is one scenario I haven’t seen anyone mention yet and that’s Jennings playing shooting guard in 2013, maybe not starting but spending a lot of time there. With Billups in the fold they’ve got a guy who has handled the point position well throughout his entire career.

At the end of the day I’m sure Jennings will be in the starting lineup and this is Cheeks and Dumars doing what they can to get the most out of their team in camp.

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