Triple duty for Patrick Peterson?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, August 5th, 2013

It looks like new Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians is going to try something that hasn’t been done successfully in a while. Peter King reported in today’s MMQB that Arians plans on using his star cornerback and return man Patrick Peterson on offense too. People have said he’ll be pulling double duty but if he’s still a return man wouldn’t that make it triple duty?

I think one of the good developing training camp stories is that the Cardinals just might have the next Roy Green in camp. Remember Green, one of the last players (Troy Brown, Julian Edelman, too) to play significant snaps on both sides of the ball, had a 21.5 yard-per-catch average in 1981, the same year the Cards used him in the defensive backfield. He had three picks that year. Now, Patrick Peterson is doing double duty, playing cornerback for parts of practice in Arizona, then shifting over to play wide receiver, slot receiver and a sort of wingback in Bruce Arians’ offense. I’ve said this since I spent a day with the Cards in June, but Arians is going to try to be imaginative and explosive—and I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t shock the three teams in the division with schemes they’ve never seen from the Cards. He’s got Peterson in about 15 offensive plays, and could use him as a wideout at anytime. On Saturday, Arians said Peterson could be one of the top five wideouts in football if the Cards chose to put him there. So it’d be very surprising if you didn’t see Peterson on the field in some four-wide sets for Arizona this fall. (Peter King MMQB)

Peterson has appeared on offense before catching passes in both of the last two seasons but his involvement was more gimmicky. By using Peterson in 15 of his set plays that would make him an integral part of the offense. Most teams usually have about a 100 or so plays so he’d be in 10-15%. A high number for a player that will be playing both sides of the ball and returning punts.

My guess is that Peterson is mainly used in four wide receiver, long yardage situations.

What I found most interesting was Arians claim that Peterson could be a top five wideout if he was a full time receiver. I feel like we heard this before when the Chicago Bears converted Devin Hester.

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