Stat will not visit The Dream

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, August 2nd, 2013

New York Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire worked on his post game with former Houston Rockets great Hakeem Olajuwon last off season and planned on doing so this summer too. The Knicks have squashed that though as they’d like to protect their oft-injured “star”. For those who’re thinking Olajuwon’s new position with the Rockets is the reason, it’s not.

Stoudemire will not return to the Olajuwon camp in Houston to work on his post moves again this month as had been planned, The Post has learned.

Stoudemire had planned to return to Texas to refine the post moves he learned last summer. That Olajuwon is about to be named to the Rockets staff as instructor for Dwight Howard and Omar Asik is not a factor in Stoudemire not attending.

According to a Rockets source, Houston is allowing Olajuwon to fulfill any of his prior commitments with opposing players this month before he exclusively works with Rockets big men. Hence, Stoudemire might never work with Olajuwon again. (New York Post)

While I’d like to see Stat continue to work on his post game I’m glad the Knicks stepped in. Stat missed a lot of time last year, only appearing in 29 games which hurt the team in the playoffs when they tried to reintroduce him to the lineup. The team has to do what they have to make sure he’s there when they need him the most.

“The main thing with Amar’e is we need him to rest,’’ Woodson said at the Las Vegas summer league. “Last summer, he put in a lot of time. He had some bad luck because he worked his butt off last summer. This summer we’ll rest him and make our push to get him ready for vet camp.” (New York Post)

The same NY Post report says that team’s medical director, Lisa Callahan, is thinking of putting a strict 20 minute restriction on Stat next year. It’s very likely the Knicks won’t let him play in back to back games either.

They’re really babying him but after two knee procedures in one year and a $100 million investment. I can’t say I blame them.

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