USA wants but cant have Roy Hibbert

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

If the USA Men’s Basketball team has a weakness right now it’s on their front court. The game has changed so much that there are no true centers and after last weeks mini-camp it was clear the team needs help. The one NBA player who seems closest to being that true center is Roy Hibbert of the Indiana Pacers. Unfortunately for USA Basketball it doesn’t look like he’ll be playing for them and not because he doesn’t want to. He’s just simply not allowed.

Hibbert may have been boring in Queens, New York but his father is originally from Jamaica. Under FIBA rules that allowed him to play for the Jamaican National Team. The teams can make a transfer but there has been haggling for over a year now about what Jamaica would get in return. Basically how much the USA will pay Jamaica and FIBA.

Sad thing is Roy Hibbert is at the age now where he wants to play for his native country, not the place of his roots.

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