Return of the Pistol Formation?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

We just talked about New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan was stuck in time and plans on using the Wildcat offense in 2013. Well another coach plans on even going further back in time. That’s Tennessee Titans’ head coach Mike Munchak. ESPN is reporting that the Titans ran some plays out of the Pistol formation.

The Pistol: The Titans ran some plays out of the pistol formation, which amounts to a half shotgun with the quarterback back from the center only a bit and the back typically straight behind him.

“It doesn’t quite tip off what runs you can do when the back is offset,” Munchak said. “The offense has more options for what they can do.”

Locker ran well from it. I don’t know if others who were part of it from the backfield or split out on that side were fully comfortable. (ESPN)

Jake Locker was a decent running quarterback in 2012, rushing for 291 yards over 41 carries. So I’m guessing this formation would give him a couple extra steps to get up to speed when it’s his turn to run.

I’m sure the Titans are planning on using this as a gimmick but I’m not sure how this will effect Chris Johnson. Johnson has already said that backs like Adrian Peterson have had more yardage because of the size of the holes their offensive line creates.

In the pistol formation, CJ will be getting the ball a lot quicker as Locker is pretty much right in front of him. If CJ is getting the ball a lot quicker that means there is even LESS time for the holes to open up for him.

The only way this will work is if the Titans plan to run a lot of read option in 2013. This formation will give Locker a couple extra yards to examine the defense and figure out what direction he wants him and CJ to go.

I’m interested in hearing what Johnson thinks about this type of offensive formation.

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