VIDEO: Masterson pelted with seeds during video

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

I always enjoy videos like this. The ones where a baseball player is giving a TV interview and his teammates begin to mess with him. Usually it involves throwing sunflower seeds, cups, sticking cups to the persons head and similar things. It shows that this is still a game and meant to be fun.

Well, last night Justin Masterson of the Cleveland Indians was the recipient of such jokes. During his interview with FOX Sports his teammates began throwing sunflower seeds at him, lots of them! He was able to keep his concentration though and do the interview like nothing was going on, except when the broadcasters mentioned it.

By the end of the interview, Masterson was also getting sprayed by water from a water bottle. The amount of seeds thrown his way also increased as it looked like the players were just dumping bags on him instead of tossing. Apparently it was all led by one of the teams rookies, I’m sure he’ll regret it later.

Since Cleveland’s been winning I doubt they get scolded by their general manager like the Philadelphia Phillies were last month.

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