Reese to install clock in Giants locker room

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese has already put his team on notice this year, saying the Giants must play to their standards in 2013. Now Reese has taken things to the next level by saying that he will install a clock into the teams locker room. The clock will count down the minutes until Super Bowl takes place and someone else is occupying their lockers if they fail.

But as part of the process of putting his team on notice, Giants General Manager Jerry Reese said he was installing a clock in the Giants locker room, to count down the minutes until someone is playing the Super Bowl in their building. (ProFootballTalk)

I love the idea and think it’s a great motivational tool. Every NFL player dreams of playing in the Super Bowl and in their building at that. So installing that clock tells the guys this is how long you have till this is your locker room if you don’t perform. It also reminds the guys this is the game you play everyday for.

One New York writer, Gary Myers, took issue with this and compared Reese with New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan. I think he is totally off base and one Giant player agreed with me.

But when Giants GM Jerry Reese said he’s going to put a Super Bowl countdown clock in the locker room to create a sense of urgency to play in the big game across the parking lot, well, that was really something you would expect Rex Ryan to do, at least in the days when he was the more entertaining say-anything Rex Ryan.

“I would never, ever compare Jerry Reese to anything associated with the Jets,” Giants guard Chris Snee said Monday, a nice shot that might find it ways onto the Jets bulletin board. (NY Daily News)

Myers compared it to the 2009 incident when Ryan marked up a calendar with the dates of all playoff games AND the Jets championship parade.

Ryan distributed a calendar to his team just prior to the 2009 playoffs. He marked the dates of all playoff games and included Feb. 9, the date of the Jets’ supposed Super Bowl parade, which never happened, of course.

“If you’re not man enough or have enough faith in your team to put it on the schedule, you wouldn’t,” Ryan said back then. “But we do. We feel we have an outstanding chance. We feel we have an excellent football team. We’re not ashamed of the fact that I believe it can happen.”

That is a bit different than Reese turning up the pressure on his players with his plan to install the countdown clock in the locker room. As of Monday, he had not done so. (NY Daily News)

I totally disagree that this was Ryan showing faith in his team and Reese just creating pressure. Reese’s plan may create extra pressure BUT like I said it’s intended as a motivational tool. Something to keep the team focused.

Rex was clearly the normal bravado that he talks. Ryan is known for his guarantees and bold statements which are what really creates undo pressure. That kind of pressure serves no motivational performance.

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