Vernon Davis a WR?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, July 29th, 2013

The San Francisco 49ers offense took a huge hit when Michael Crabtree went down for the season with an Achilles injury but things might not be as bad as thought. Remember they do have a freak of nature playing tight end for them, Vernon Davis. Davis has the size and speed to where he’s become a huge weapon in the passing game. So much so the 49ers have begun lining Davis up as a wide receiver in practices.

“I’m willing to step up and do whatever they ask me to do,” Davis said Sunday. “They’ve been having me line up at wide receiver, pretty much all over the place. It’s a good thing that I get the opportunity to work with those guys because it not only helps me at the wide receiver position, it also helps me at the tight end position. My feet get quicker, my route-running is better. (NFL)”

Head coach Jim Harbaugh was very quiet about how the team will use Davis in 2013 but did mention the improvement he’s seen.

“I see a lot of improvement, in his ability as a football player, his route-running,” Harbaugh said. “He looks really good, in the prime of his career.”(NFL)

The Niners did target Davis as a receiver 16 times in 2012, that number I do expect to rise. BUT I don’t expect Davis to become an outright wide receiver, he’s too valuable as a tight end to do that. Part of his strength his size and speed which he can use to take advantage of over matched linebackers.

Vernon definitely looks poised for a bounce back season which will make fantasy football fans happy.

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