Corey Maggette wants to work in front office

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, July 29th, 2013

Free agent forward Corey Maggette almost retired this weekend and it wasn’t because he couldn’t perform at the NBA level anymore. There’s a report saying that Maggette almost retired this off season to try and land a front office job. Corey decided to play another year though so that dream will have to wait till next year.

Sources close to Maggette say that he briefly considered retiring this summer so that he could attempt to land a job within an NBA front office. He recently took part in the NBPA’s Leadership Development Program, which essentially grooms current players to become executives. However, it’s looking like he’ll play one more season and then attempt to join a front office next offseason. (Hoops World)

I’m glad that Maggette is thinking about his post playing days and it’s great that the NBPA has programs like this available for players. Hopefully some team gives him a chance in the front office next year.

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