Jason Peters guarantees that Eagles win four games

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Saturday, July 27th, 2013

My how the times have changed and the mighty, if they ever were, have fallen. Back in 2011 Vince Young called the Philadelphia Eagles a “Dream Team”. In 2012, Michael Vick said the Eagles were set to become a “dynasty”. On Friday, Jason Peters made his own comment about this years Eagles team. His guarantee was that they’ll win four games.

“I guarantee we win more than four games,” Peters said after the NovaCare Complex cleared out of VIPs and assorted corporate guests. “That’s probably the worst we could have done is win four last year. But I guarantee we’re going to win more than four this year.” (Delco Times)

About time someone on this Eagles team is realistic. My early thoughts have the Eagles winning seven games so if that happened it would be the first time in three years an Eagles player knew what they were talking about.

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