Kris Humphries is ready for anything

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, July 25th, 2013

New Boston Celtics big man Kris Humphries is enjoying his new digs but knows he could be on the move at any moment. Humphries was a member of the Brooklyn Nets but was included in the trade involving Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. The reason he was dealt was his $12 million expiring contract which he knows means he could be on the move again this year.

The reality for Humphries is that this might not be the only press conference he has to go through this offseason. He heard the rumors of his potential quick stay here, and instead of dwelling on them he is preparing to be part of the solution of turning around the Celtics quickly.

“You just prepare yourself to try and play well and help the team win,” Humphries said. “Looking at getting traded in the future is not something I focus on. You’ve got to settle in and act like you are going to be here for the next five years and prepare that way. Trades happen and then it starts all over again. There’s a whole other side to basketball that the average fan doesn’t get.

“For me I like to approach it as the same when I was in high school and college, just work as hard as I can. Do those things and not really focus on it, but it’s a part of it and it’s something that you have to deal with.” (Boston Herald)

Humphries is saying the right thing at the moment but will the prospects of being traded affect his game? I don’t think it will.

Kris is in the last season of his contract and will need to have a good season if he wants another large contract. His minutes were drastically cut in Brooklyn last year so he’s got a lot to prove. Another trade will probably be the furthest thing from his mind once the season starts.

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