Sixers to be more active in free agency?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Good news Philadelphia 76ers fans your team plans on being more active in free agency. Oh wait at this point in the summer that’s actually not good news. If this were in season I’d say cool they plan on adding talent to their young talent but nope.

The off season is half over and most of the key free agents have found homes and NOW that Sixers have decided to enter the game. Sounds about right for this organization. Get some roster fillers and shoot for the top draft pick.

Sam Hinkie, the Sixers general manager, said the team will be more active in August.

“I have been telling agents around the league that we are more likely to [acquire] players then,” he said. “But we are active on a bunch of fronts.

“I don’t have anyone in particular in mind that I would announce now. If I did, someone might sign him before we did.” (

So Sixers fans at this point in the summer what free agent would you like?

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