Oden has good workouts for teams

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Ever since his final game in 2009 all we’ve heard is that Greg Oden is making a comeback. That’s normally followed up by a report that Oden has more knee problems and won’t be returning. Well we’ve been hearing it again this summer but this time it looks like the comeback might actually happen. Oden worked out for multiple teams today and has another scheduled for Thursday.

Greg Oden went through a two-hour workout Tuesday in Indianapolis in front of Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, new Sacramento Kings general manager Pete D’Alessandro and representatives from the New Orleans Pelicans, according to sources close to the situation.

Sources told ESPN that Oden will put his skills on display again Thursday for Atlanta Hawks officials before sitting down for his long-anticipated private meeting with the Pelicans later this week in Las Vegas.

“It went well,” the source told ESPN about the workouts. “He did a ton of agility stuff, ran suicides and also did drills on the court.” (ESPN)

To me the most impressive thing isn’t what he did on the court but the reports about his weight. The report says that he was down to 275 pounds at one point he ballooned up to 315.

By the sounds of things it seems like their could be a “bidding” war for Oden’s service, if you can call it that. They’ll be plenty of teams showing interest if the next workout goes well but I can’t see him earning more then the veteran minimum. There is no way a team could get insurance on his contract, so I can’t see him offered anything more then that.

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