Top 4 Reasons to Join the Football Action This Coming Season

by admin | Posted on Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Football is often considered the quintessential American sport. Whether we are in the stands on the crisp fall nights or playing armchair quarterback in front of the television, we love a good football game.

Get Off the Couch and Get Involved With the Action

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The cool autumn air beckons, and the leaves are turning, presenting their brilliant colors. The kids are returning to school and the days are getting shorter. You look forward to those Friday nights, sitting in the stands cheering on the local football team. Now is the time to get off that couch and get truly involved in your local football action.

Help Build a Sense of Pride and Community

It’s a sense of community that brings you here each week, or it may be that you’re cheering on your children, whether they be on the field, in the band, or in the cheer squad. Or perhaps you’re a supporter of your alma mater and you love to relive old memories of watching your college team take the field. It’s all about that football community.

Do more by becoming a football booster or sponsor and give back to the game that brings you so much joy. You can help the band with fundraisers or the team with afternoon practice. Perhaps you are a local business owner. Become a sponsor and your business will be the recipient of community support. Host a tailgate party for the team and parents. It won’t hurt either, seeing your logo emblazoned on team jackets or along the stadium walls!

You’ll Be Helping the Kids

Your support of the football team and its supporting cast will help keep students on the straight and narrow. Through a well-supported team, students will learn discipline through training and practice. Through your support and example, they will learn to play for the love of the sport. Let them know that their hard work matters. In turn, this discipline means that many students will keep their grades up.

Let Your Inner Coach Free

If your football team is looking for volunteers for the coaching staff, this may be the perfect way to let your inner coach out. You can take your own football experience and help the team gain a winning season. Of course, you’ll feel a sense of pride seeing those young players out on the field with you on the sidelines!

You’ll Make New Friends

Through your support of your high school or college area football team, you can make new friends and acquaintances that share your love of football. Having that common interest when finding new friends with that shared football interest may even lead to a new friend giving you Notre Dame Fighting Irish football tickets!

Be a leader and get those new friends and acquaintances to provide even more community support for your football program. Use their input and skills to plan community events, such as a car wash or bake sale, to raise funds for the team. Have them chaperone dances or other special events. There is definitely strength in numbers!
Get out there now and show your support! It will be a win-win situation for everyone!

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