ARod goes for second opinion on quad

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, July 22nd, 2013

There’s more drama in Yankee land as New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez decided to go for a second opinion on his quadriceps injury. That’s right, ARod decided he needed a second opinion on a quad strain, a very minor grade one strain. Let the conspiracy theories around Alex and his return to baseball start back up.

So here are actual facts. A-Rod went for an MRI exam yesterday and the Yankees announced he had a Grade 1 quad strain. For the other several hundred players in baseball that would be it. Not A-Rod.

The Post learned Rodriguez intended to go for a second opinion to Dr. Bryan Kelly, who performed his hip surgery last winter. However, general manager Brian Cashman told me he spoke directly to Rodriguez and was assured the one-time slugger is not going for a second opinion. However, after that, my source once again reiterated Rodriguez will indeed see Kelly, just he doesn’t feel like he has to keep the Yankees informed about seeing a doctor not employed by the team.

That A-Rod is even considering a second opinion on something as relatively minor as a quad strain suggests a continuing distrust of the Yankees, and wanting to make sure they are not keeping him sidelined to collect insurance money. (NY Post)

I don’t know who to believe anymore when it comes to the divide between ARod and Yankees management. At this point it really doesn’t even matter. I just want Rodriguez back on the field helping the Yankees out or both sides just decide it’s time to move on.

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