Padres say Headley is virtually untouchable

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, July 18th, 2013

The New York Yankees are still desperately looking for a bat to add to their weak lineup but are apparently barking up the wrong trees. Jon Heyman of CBS Sports says the Yankees contacted the San Diego Padres about Chase Headley and were told that he was as close to untouchable as one could be.

The Yankees recently called for Padres star third baseman Chase Headley and were told there wasn’t a deal to be made, according to people familiar with the brief discussion.

While the Padres are willing to listen on any of their players, Headley appears to be about as close as possible to an untouchable player without actually being one. People who have spoken to the Padres have the impression it would take a special prospect to make the Padres even consider a trade for Headley. (Jon Heyman – CBS Sports)

The main reason the Yankees were told this is they simply don’t have the pieces that the Padres want. If the Padres were to trade Headley they’re going to want some serious talent in return. The guy still has enough hype around him where people thinks he can still be an All-Star caliber player. For what reason I don’t know.

Chase Headley untouchable

After five and a half seasons I don’t think Headley will ever be star caliber. He’s had one good season which was 2012 and is following that up with easily the worst season of his career. He’s striking out more then ever and the power he discovered last year has seemed to all but disappear.

This post from Heyman also tells you how desperate the Yankees are for bats. Even though he’s 28 people still see tons of potential in Headley and that must be what the Yankees are looking at because his numbers aren’t much better, if at all, then what they’ve currently been trotting out their at third and first base.

It also tells me the Yankees still aren’t sold on Alex Rodriguez being with the team the rest of the season and are looking for a fall back. Yes, ARod will need time at designated hitter but it won’t be enough appearances there to give up a top prospect or two for.

I will give the Yankees credit though for trying to buy low because right now Headley as minimal trade value if people look at what he is, not what he could have been.

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