Beltran to play three more years

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, July 18th, 2013

St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Carlos Beltran reflected on his career this week at the All-Star Game and decided he wants to play three more years. Strangely enough he also started to talk about Cooperstown and possibly entering the Hall of Fame. I could see three more years but the Hall of Fame talk blew my mind.

“I would say three more years, just to say a number,” said Beltran, whose contract with the Cardinals expires at the end of this season.

“This is my 15th (season). If I could do (three more), that would be a good career for me. Now that I have heard a lot about (the Hall of Fame) I do think about it, and let’s hope I can stay healthy for the remaining three, maybe three, four years.

“If I can stay healthy and play in the game to the level I’m playing right now, who knows, man? … I could be close.” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Like I said the talk about the Hall of Fame blew my mind. My first reaction was WTF?!?! Carlos Beltran in the Hall of Fame not a freaking chance but it did get me wondering.

Carlos Beltran

Much to my surprise if Beltran were to play three more years at his current love the Hall of Fame could very well be in his grasp. Currently he has 353 career homeruns with a .283 average. Those aren’t bad numbers at all for someone who has played 15 and a quarter seasons.

Three and a half more seasons at his current level could put him in the 425-450 homerun territory. That would require about 25 homers a year but at his age that would be pretty impressive. If he was able to consistently hit like that he’d have a pretty strong case.

Looking at Beltran’s Baseball Reference page you could see his career has mirrored a couple other Hall of Famers. Through the age of 35 the two players most similar to Beltran were Andre Dawson and Dave Winfield. In fact in eight different years Dawson was the most similar player to Beltran. Dawson is not a bad player to be compared to, especially for that amount of time.

So at first I thought the Hall of Fame talk was a joke for Beltran but if he continues this it might not be too much of a joke. I don’t think Carlos would ever be a first ballot, no matter what he does, especially playing in the steroid era but he could get in eventually. Right now he’s on the fringe but a few more years would make things interesting.

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