VIDEO: LFL entrance you have to see!

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

We’ve posted some highlights here from the LFL before, remember the one of Jessica Hopkins getting pantsed? Ahhh that was a good one. Today we’ve got a video of the Seattle Mist and one of their recent games. It’s easily the best LFL entrance I’ve seen!

We’ve seen high school and college football teams come out synchronized and dancing before and we’ve all enjoyed them. BUT none of them compare to this as they are girls and lingerie!

When watching the video take a look at #4 Riki Creger-Zier she REALLY got into it almost looked like she was at the club. Here’s some photos of Riki Creger-Zier too.

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  1. […] today we brought you a video featuring the Seattle Mist and their entrance to a recent game. One of the highlights of the video was wide receiver Riki Creger-Zier. She really got into the […]

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