Raptors to amnesty Kleiza

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

After years of injuries the Toronto Raptors have decided to amnesty Linas Kleiza. Kleiza recently picked up his player option of $4.6 million which is pretty good for a guy who’s played 108 games over the past three seasons. Compared to the salaries of most NBA players it’s not out of line with his production but for a team likely to pay the luxury tax it’s a move that had to be made.

Kleiza had previously exercised a player option in his Raptors contract to make $4.6 million next season. The Raptors, however, decided Monday to use the amnesty clause on Kleiza, a source said. The move will save Toronto from a luxury-tax hit, although the franchise still has to pay Kleiza’s salary. (Yahoo Sports)

The Raptors are still going to have to pay his salary so whatever team hires him can do so on the cheap. There’s a good chance that might not happen as there are rumors that Kleiza is ready to go home.

Kleiza played for Olympiakos of the Greek League during the 2009-10 season, and a source said his preference is to return to play overseas again.(Yahoo Sports)

Going back to the Greek League could actually be huge for him. If he heads back overseas and proves he can stay healthy for an entire season i would be easier to get another NBA contract.

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