MLB expanded replay is on the way

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

A few months after shooting down an expanded form of instant replay Joe Torre says that it could be coming our ways. Torre says the plans are still in the “tweaking stage” but was “pretty confident” it will be in place for next year. I’m a little skeptical with all the parties who have to sign off on it but we’ll see.

MLB executive vice president Joe Torre said, “We’re pretty confident we’ll have it in place for 2014.”

Video review has been in place for home run calls since August 2008. Commissioner Bud Selig initially wanted to add trap plays and fair/foul calls down the lines for 2013, but change was put off while more radical options were examined.

Speaking to the Baseball Writers’ Association of America on Tuesday, Torre said, “We’re still in the tweaking stages” and “we’re not limiting ourselves.”

An agreement would be needed with the unions and players and umpires.(ESPN)

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