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Why do people play sport? Because they enjoy it and it keeps them fit. If they’re good enough, of course, it can also be a pathway to fame, fortune, fast cars and adoring fans but for the vast majority of people it’s more about the fun and fitness stuff. Unless, that is, you happen to get yourself injured. Then it’s about pain, medical treatment and time off work. All of which can also be about money lost, money spent and money you’re not able to earn.  If it was someone else’s fault – if the equipment wasn’t safe, or a competitor went in recklessly hard – then you may be able to claim compensation, so even though you’re in pain you at least won’t be out of pocket. Sites such as, can help with a lot more detailed information on this topic. When it comes to injuries, however, the same basic rule seems to apply as can be applied to seemingly all sporting endeavour; whatever we amateurs can do, the professionals can do it bigger and better. Here are just a few of the most gruesome and extreme sporting injuries ever, and if you think the descriptions are off-putting, just try looking up the footage…..


Dave Dravecky

Dave Dravecky was a pitcher who had the misfortune to be stricken with cancer, resulting in him having to have half the deltoid muscle removed from his pitching arm. Nothing if not determined, however, he managed to make a return to baseball in August 1989, only for disaster to strike a week later when, whilst he was pitching a ball in Montreal, his arm literally snapped in half. Doctors discovered that the cancer had returned and were forced to amputate his arm, thus ending his sporting career.


Sid Vicious

Named after the punk rock star and with an attitude to match, Sid_Vicious was a World Championship Wrestling (WCW) star who decided to expand his act by indulging in a few riskier ‘flying’ moves.

Indulging in one of the moves, however, Vicious climbed to the top of the ropes around the ring and launched himself skyward, aiming to land feet first on the face of his unfortunate opponent. Luckily for the opponent, but unfortunately for him, however, he missed, and his left foot hit the canvas with the full force of his bulk, with the painful angle involved resulting in a cracked tibia and fibula. The injury was such that his shin ended up being bent at an angle of ninety degrees and one if his broken bones managed to pierce the skin.


Napoleon McCallum

After his first year with the Los Angeles raiders, Napoleon_McCallum spent four years serving in the navy. After another four years with the Raiders, McCallum’s career was cut drastically short on the opening night of 1994. The cause of his injury was the fact that his cleat became stuck in the mud when he was tackled; the effects, however, were much more gruesome than this simple summary manages to convey. The severe twisting of his leg caused the following injuries: a ruptured artery in the knee, three torn ligaments, nerve damage and calf and hamstring muscles which had been ripped from the bone.


Shaun Livingston

Basketball star Shaun Livingston had been injury prone throughout his career with the Los Angeles Clippers, but the severe injury in question took place on February 26, 2007.

The injury occurred when Livingston jumped for the basket, missed and landed on his left leg. The impact was such that his knee snapped in a manner which managed to damage every single separate part of the knee simultaneously. This means that he’d caused severe tearing to the anterior cruciate ligament, the posterior cruciate ligament and the lateral meniscus. Not only that, but he also sprained the medial collateral ligament and dislocated his patella and tibia-femoral joint. All of which is highly complex and deeply technical but translates roughly as his knee being an absolutely terrible mess.


Clint Malarchuk

Most of the injuries here have involved arms and legs and, whilst some of them may have been extremely gruesome, painful and career ending, the injury which befell ice hockey goal keeper Clint Malarchuk on March 22 1989 was something which could very well have ended his life.

Malarchuk was playing for the Buffalo Sabres against the St Louis Blues and came to grief when St Louis winger Steve Tuttle was tackled by one Uwe Krupp. Tuttle was knocked over, his skate flew through the air and the sharp blade scythed through the jugular vein on Malarchuk’s throat.

The resulting scenes saw Malarchuk slump to his knees with an ever widening pool of blood surrounding him, whilst several players were sick, nine spectators passed out and two succumbed to heart attacks. The miraculous upshot is that Malarchuk not only survived but, with 300 stitches in his neck, was back in training four days later.


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