Sabres struggling to trade Miller and Vanek

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, July 15th, 2013

The Buffalo Sabres have been trying to clear room on their roster but aren’t having any luck making trades. Two of the players they’ve been shopping the most are goalie Ryan Miller and forward Thomas Vanek. Unfortunately no one seems that interested and for one great reason, money.

The conversation then moved to trades, namely those involving Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek. Regier said that the team is fielding calls, but stressed that the lowering salary cap was impeding many team’s ability to trade for the highly priced players. “Any discussion that I have now involves taking back money, moving money…money plays a very big role,” said the GM. He also mentioned that the longer we go in to the summer without moving either player, the more likely they’ll be in blue and gold come opening day. (Die by the Blade)

With the salary cap lowering to $64.3 million for 2013/14 there’s just no way teams can afford to take on those guys. It’s unfortunate for the Sabres to as they’re entering a major rebuilding project and neither of these guys are in their plans.

They’d obviously like draft picks but with the cap situation of most contenders no one’s going to take on significant salary. Most of them have to clear some room themselves so they’re going to force the Sabres to take some back. Something they’re simply not willing to do right now.

Hopefully they figure out something soon because Miller is just blocking all the young guys, even with how talented he still is.

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