Dwyane Wade should be applauded

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Sunday, July 14th, 2013

Last night there was a firestorm set off around America when George Zimmerman was found not guilty. People all over the country took to social media and let their feelings be known. Most of these feelings were people’s instant reactions and made them look like idiots when they actually aren’t (i.e. Victor Cruz). One athlete bit his tongue though and kept his personal opinion to himself. Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade did make a statement but decided to let it all sink in before adding his personal opinion.

Personally, I applaud Dwyane Wade for these tweets. He said what most of America was and that’s stunned by the decision. He was smart though and didn’t make the knee jerk reaction of saying what’s on his mind before thinking. To me this makes his tweets the best of any athlete of the night, he kept his cool and let the world know that he cared in a dignified manner.

I’d love to hear Wade’s opinion on the matter once the verdict has sunk in and he’s had time to think about it. Even if he feels the rage most felt last night it will at least be an articulated opinion, not a raging rant.

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