Clady and Broncos nearing agreement

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Sunday, July 14th, 2013

The NFL deadline for franchised players to sign long-term deals and it’s looked like none of the players are willing to do so, till now. One player, offensive tackle Ryan Clady, is close to signing the latest offer from the Denver Broncos. The two sides weren’t far apart so when the Broncos upped their offer this weekend talks heated up.

A $500,000 a year increase in an offer by the Denver Broncos could lead to a five-year contract for left tackle Ryan Clady, a source said.

Since last year, the Broncos have been offering Clady a five-year, $50 million contract. By increasing the offer to $52.5 million and showing a willingness to guarantee significantly more than 50 percent of the contract, the Broncos have Clady thinking about accepting the offer. (ESPN)

The key to getting this deal looks like the guaranteed money. Reports say that Clady will get about $30 million in guaranteed money, money that the 26-year old has definitely earned.

In 2012, Clady protected Peyton Manning’s blindside and allowed just one sack. What’s most impressive is he played part of the season with a torn right labrum. Clady is still recovering from that injury but his availability for week one isn’t in doubt at all. Which means his streak of 83 consecutive games should continue.

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