ARod and MLB reach 150 game agreement?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Sunday, July 14th, 2013

This morning we’ve learned that there may be a shocking turn in the Biogenesis PED scandal. The New York Daily News is reporting that New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez and Major League Baseball may have reached their version of a plea deal. The agreement would call for a 150 game suspension for the slugger. This is huge as people were expecting a 100 game ban, this tells me MLB was going for the lifetime ban. This could also explain why he skipped Friday’s game, he might have been really upset at the reality of his actions.

“I can see a scenario where if they’ve got multiple offenses (against A-Rod) that rather than going for his career with an arbitrator, baseball might settle on something like 150 games,” said one of the sources.

According to one of the baseball sources, MLB is believed to have brought up the possibility of a settlement in its meeting with Braun, who might also consider a deal, as would other players involved. (New York Daily News)

If these reports are true one has to wonder again how seriously is the commissioners office taking the steroid issue. If they wanted to prove a point and essentially kill this for good they would hand out the 100 game suspensions and lifetime bans. It would tell the fans we’re serious about this and we want a clean game. Till MLB does that it’s why I’ll still consider Barry Bonds the homerun king, that’s a debate for another day though.

The Daily News also has a quote from their source saying the reason is money and to save face.

“That might be a victory for both sides,” said one of the sources, referring to the fact that a plea agreement would preempt the arbitration process and might salvage money and save face for everyone involved in what has become a highly contentious process.(New York Daily News)

In my opinion, that’s total bullshit. There will be no face saved as the fans have spoken and want their national pastime cleaned up. All these plea deals will truly do is save the league money and potentially players.

Potentially more players you ask? Well do you really think these 20 players in the Biogenesis are the last of the steroid users? HELL NO!


The longer this thing drags on the more opportunities there are for more players to get caught up in it. If MLB tried to ban Ryan Braun for life I fully expect him to go in front of an arbitrator and say, “Why am I banned for life when five other guys in my locker room are doing the same thing?”

I can go on and on but the point of this piece was ARod and his agreement.

The plea deal with Alex Rodriguez will do one thing that baseball wants, get him out of the game. He’s 37-years old so a 150-game suspension will effectively end his career. Alex isn’t even back in the majors yet after a hip injury if he’s dealt this suspension he wouldn’t be eligible to return till after NEXT YEARS All-Star Game, and that’s only if healthy.

For a player at his age, his career would be over. I think part of the deal would also be MLB thanking him for what he did for the game earlier in his career. He’d be able to step on the field after the suspension, claim to still be hurt and retire because of medical disability, allowing him to still collect on his massive contract.

Do I agree with this deal? NO, it circumvents the rules but then again without being caught under the new rules shouldn’t it be a 50 game suspension regardless of the evidence?

All that I can think is Yankees will be able to rid themselves of Rodriguez while MLB gets to make sure half the league isn’t banned in one fell swoop.

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