Mets unlikely to trade Byrd

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Saturday, July 13th, 2013

The New York Mets are in the midst of another down season but thanks to some young pitchers the future is bright. One would think they’d take advantage of the trade deadline and move some of their aging veterans to get some more good young talent. One guy who could command a nice little haul is outfielder Marlon Byrd, a guy enjoying a nice resurgence but is soon to be 36 years old. The Mets have other thoughts.

In my opinion, these comments by Ricciardi once again show how much of a mess that organization is. This team is going to finish under .500 so it’s not like they need Byrd to help them stay in contention in 2013. There’s minimal chance that Byrd is even back with the team in 2014. Marlon is a free agent after this season and I highly doubt he’ll be in the teams plans so why not get something for him?

Byrd is hitting homers at a rate that he never has before. His career high 20 over 547 at-bats, so far in 2013 he’s hit 15 over 270 at-bats. At that clip they’ll be at least a couple contenders calling and willing to pay. They could easily get a prospect or two for him, not top prospects but still someone who could help those young studs as they mature.

All I can think of is that Marlon Byrd is having an exciting season power wise and the Mets want to use that to help put some butts in the seats. Chicks still dig the long ball right?

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