Derek Jeter – One night only

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, July 12th, 2013

If you were at Yankee Stadium yesterday afternoon you witnessed a rare treat these days as you got to see Derek Jeter play. The New York Yankees captain was called up early in his rehab stint to help the short handed major league squad. You got to witness him come back with a hit and run scored in his first at-bat. Unfortunately you then watched him leave the game early due to a new injury and now won’t see him back on the field again.

Brian Cashman spoke with the media today and said that Jeter suffered a Grade 1 quad strain. The injury will keep him out of this weekends series against the Minnesota Twins but he might avoid the disabled list. The only reason he could avoid that is because of the All-Star break.

This injury is a tricky one though. A Grade 1 strain is the lowest on the scale and concerned to be very mild. This injury could heal up in a few days but could also cost Jeter a few weeks. It’s the reason why the disabled list isn’t out of the question, especially at his age.

What I don’t understand is Cashman blaming the strain on the “intensity” of being back. The intensity Jeter ran with yesterday was the same intensity he brings to every game, so if he was truly ready to return the intensity wouldn’t have caused the injury.

If you were at the Stadium yesterday congrats you got to witness the Derek Jeter show in the Bronx for one night only.

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