Noel wants jersey #5

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Philadelphia 76ers rookie Nerlens Noel has something to prove and to make sure he doesn’t forget that he wants to wear it on his back. Noel was picked sixth by the New Orleans Pelicans and then promptly traded to the Sixers. Noel feels he has something to prove though as he was expected to go number one overall. So now he wants his NBA jersey number to be five. To do so he’ll have to work out a deal with Arnett Moultrie who currently has that number.

I just have one problem with this five teams didn’t pass on Noel, six did. I guess he forgot that the Pelicans drafted him and traded him, not the Sixers picking him. So yea, six teams passed on him. He probably chose five cause there’s no chance in hell in getting number six, that was Dr. J’s.

I’m guessing he didn’t count the Pelicans so good thing for the Sixers is that his basketball game is a lot better then his mathematics.

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