VIDEO: Plumlee dunk-a-thon?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Former Duke center and Brooklyn Nets draft pick Mason Plumlee had a quite a day in yesterday’s Summer League game vs the Miami Heat. Plumlee scored 23 points and pulled down rebounds, while going a perfect eight for eight from the free throw line. This was impressive because he had another quite first half but exploded in the second half. A second half that included his own personal dunk-a-thon.

Now don’t get all excited none of these were too impressive. The first two looked like your cheap, easy dunks you see in a street ball game. A guy wide open with no defense around him and he just slams it home to look like a big shot. The third was a little more impressive but the entire defense scattered instead of challenging him. In a real NBA game this dunk would have either been a Top 10 play or a highlight block as it would have definitely have been challenged.

(H/T ProBasketballTalk)

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