Michael Young – Phillies most valuable trade piece?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

If the Philadelphia Phillies decide to become sellers at the trade deadline they have a lot of valuable pieces like Cole Hamels, Chase Utley, Cliff Lee, Jonathan Papelbum, oops sorry Papelbon, and Carlos Ruiz. All very attractive players and all costly. With the crop of teams showing interest in Michael Young, could he be their most valuable? He’s the one guy whether they’re buyers or sellers can help bring in the talent they need to reach their goals.

If the Phillies become sellers they’ll easily be able to get a mid-level prospect or two for the pending free agent. Not quite the haul they’d get for say Cliff Lee but still not bad.

Young’s real value comes in to play if the Phillies decide to become buyers. He’s the only player that the Phillies can move while getting the pieces they need to get back in contention this season.

There’s no doubt contenders will be calling for Young. The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees have already shown interest. The Yankees had a scout in attendance on Sunday and the Sox have had preliminary talks.

The Phillies major need right now is in their bullpen. To be considered a contender again they need to improve that unit, it’s the only way they’ll be able to win consistently. That’s why my money is on the Phillies making a deal with the Yankees and not the Red Sox. The Sox have their own bullpen issues while the Yankees have extra pieces.

National League sources say the Phillies are amenable to dealing Michael Young and have expressed interest in Joba Chamberlain, a salary-dump swap that would save Philadelphia roughly $7 million. (NY Daily News)

Joba is something almost every pitcher in the Phillies pen isn’t, a veteran with experience in pressure situations year-in, year-out. While his overall numbers haven’t been great, he has been stellar in inter-league play. Over his career he’s struck out 50 batters over 48 innings with a 2.61 ERA against the National League.


While I wouldn’t plan on him being that good, he’s definitely going to be better than he is in New York. He’s not in the teams plan so they use him mainly in the later innings of games that are close to being out of reach.

That may not be a guy Phillies fans want but wouldn’t you rather have a veteran who’s been in tight races before then a bunch of kids who struggle, when on verge of falling out of contention?

If the Yankees & Phillies were to make a deal I highly doubt Joba would be all they received in return. Joba would be the help now and the Yankees would probably add a mid-level prospect. All of that for a soon to be free agent, that also clears money to maybe trade for another piece? Sounds good to me.

With the Red Sox involved the Phillies might also be able to get those two teams into a bidding war. Which in the end can only benefit the future of the Phillies, while helping them today.

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