Metta World Peace interested in Knicks

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Starting tomorrow NBA teams can begin making transactions, one of those transactions will include the Los Angeles Lakers amnestying Metta World Peace. The move should save them between $15-20 million between the salary cap and luxury taxes. The big question though is what happens with MWP then? Does he retire? Where does he go? Today we’ve got our first idea.

“If the Lakers do amnesty him, he might want to retire,” Morales said. “If one of these small-market teams picks him up, he won’t be happy with that. He doesn’t want to play there.”

Morales said World Peace would also be open to playing for the Clippers, but if he can’t stay in Los Angeles he would only want to play in New York, his hometown.

“If the Lakers amnesty him, he’s going to have a point to prove that he can still be that player in New York,” longtime friend and head of his foundation, Jose Morales said. (EPSN)

So if we’re to believe Morales, MWP will retire if he can’t stay in Los Angeles or join the Knicks. It makes sense actually, MWP is getting paid for the 2013/14 season no matter what happens so why not go to a place where you can contend for the title?

Morales also said money is not a factor in World Peace’s next destination, as he’ll still get paid $7.7 million from the Lakers through the 2013-14 season if he’s amnestied.

“Whatever he makes next is an added bonus,” Morales said. “Playing with a team that has a chance with the championship would be even better. He loves the Knicks.(EPSN)

The Knicks would be a perfect destination for MWP. He’s friends with Carmelo Anthony but more importantly can give them a small forward who can shoot the three and help spread the floor for the pick and roll. Even better he can actually defend! Yes, his defense isn’t as good as it once was but he still would give the Knick a defensive presence you can’t ignore.

There’s one person though who doesn’t want MWP to leave Los Angeles and he holds a little bit of weight around there. That person is Kobe Bryant.

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