Could Vick still be cut?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, July 8th, 2013

Many people think Michael Vick’s job is safe because of the new offense Chip Kelly has brought to the Philadelphia Eagles. One local beat writer, Geoff Mosher of CSN Philly, has been consistent in his belief that his Vick’s job is still not safe and it makes sense. Chip has many QB’s at his disposal and it will all depend on which one he likes best when the games start, the exact reason he hasn’t named a starter yet.

Michael Vick, of course, could be a roster casualty if Kelly is sold on Nick Foles and the promise of Matt Barkley.(CSN Philly)

People tend to look back at Chip’s Oregon days and they automatically assume that’s the offense he’s bringing to the NFL. He brings that offense then yes Vick would seem like the logical starter but is that really going to be the Eagles offense? No one knows except Chip.


I think Kelly is bright enough to realize that he can’t bring that exact offense to the NFL and expect to be successful. Case in point is Steve Spurrier’s Fun-N-Gun it never got off the ground when in the NFL. I fully expect the same with Kelly’s offense if he doesn’t change it.

In my opinion, the first sign that the offense has changed is when the Eagles drafted Matt Barkley. Everyone will say it’s because he was the best player available but I doubt that. He’s setting up his system and in his first draft he’s going to pick guys that fit his offensive and defensive schemes, not the best available player.

Yes, Matt Barkley is very similar to Nick Foles but wouldn’t a draft pick like that make sense if the guy fits your scheme? Wouldn’t you want your #2 QB to be a mirror image of your #1?

Vick’s job is going to come down to two things.
1.) Can Nick Foles effectively run Chip Kelly’s PHILADELPHIA EAGLES offense, not his Oregon offense.
2.) Does Kelly feel comfortable with Matt Barkley being his #2 guy if Foles goes down.

The more this has dragged on and the more points I’ve seen from Mosher, I really think Vick was kept for one reason. He’s Kelly’s fallback option should Foles not be able to run the offense effectively.

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  1. Brady Rauch says:

    I think Vick has a spot on the roster. Pretty safe bet, but who knows.. anything can happen. nice write..

    brady from

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