Ryan Howard “not doing the job”

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, July 5th, 2013

Anyone who’s watched the Philadelphia Phillies know Ryan Howard is not the player he used to be. His average is around his career norms but the homerun power is just simply not there anymore. Even worse is that he looks completely lost against left handed hitters forcing Charlie Manuel to use him in a platoon role. The fans and media have ripped him many times this year but now General Manger Ruben Amaro Jr has joined in.

“If Ryan Howard is now relegated to being a platoon player, he’s a very expensive platoon player and he needs to be better,” Amaro said. “I think he knows it. I know he’s struggling, I know he’s not happy with his performance — neither are we. I think he’s going to be better, but right now, he’s just not doing the job.” (CSN Philly)

Unfortunately for the fans this isn’t a sign that Howard will be on the move at the deadline. Amaro will try but there will be no takers. He’s got an insane contract, that still has $75 million left over three seasons, including a club option for a fourth. An option that includes a $10 million buyout.

There’s just simply no team that will be willing to pay that much money for a platoon player, no matter how good he is against right handed pitchers. There would have to be a major injury to an All-Star caliber player on a contender for a trade to happen. If that happened the Phillies would still get almost nothing in return.

Personally, I think Amaro is using his comments as a motivator. Many have tried to do this through the media before and it usually doesn’t work. Can it work this time? I’m not sure as Howards always seemed like an oversensitive player to me.

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