NBA fines players for alumni game

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

We’ve all complained before about the NCAA and their ridiculous rules surrounding their student-athletes. After reading about the fines the NBA laid out today, I think the NCAA learned their ways from one of their big brothers. Several NBA players participate in an Alumni Game at the University of Washington on June 23rd. That appearance cost most of the players involved $15,000 in fines.

The NBA fined Philadelphia 76ers forward Spencer Hawes, Memphis Grizzlies guards Quincy Pondexter and Tony Wroten and Sacramento Kings guard Isaiah Thomas for participating in a June 23 game at Alaska Airlines Arena in Seattle, league sources told Y! Sports. (Yahoo Sports)

There’s no word whether Nate Robinson and Terrence Ross were fined.

The reasoning behind the fine is that the NBA’s official year hadn’t ended it yet, that happened on June 30th. The current collective bargaining agreement says that players can’t perform in any public games before July 1st and after September 15th without approval.

While I think these fines are absolutely asinine as the players were giving back to their Alma-mater I can understand the fines. The reason I’m okay with the fines is because the players knew this rule and if they didn’t then it’s their own fault for not knowing what the rules surrounding their labor agreement are.

These guys just went through a huge labor fight and don’t know what they fought for. To me, that’s an absolute disgrace.

If UW holds this game again I’m sure they’ll wait till after July 1st. The last thing they’ll want is their top alums not playing in this game. Actually better yet the players should just ask for permission from the league, I’m sure a mass request involving all of these guys would get approved.

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