DeSean agrees with Vick, choose a QB

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Last week, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick told the media he’d like head coach Chip Kelly to choose a starting quarterback before training camp begins. Well now the other Eagles that had complained about his practice role, wide receiver DeSean Jackson, has chimed in with his two cents. To no surprise to anyone, he agrees with Vick.

“I have been hearing some things about Vick saying that he wants to know,” Jackson said in an interview with the NFL Network. “At the same time, the team wants to know too. We need to go into training camp prepared and know who is going to be our starting quarterback.” (Birds Eye View –

Just like Vick, Jackson wants whomever the starting QB will be to get as many reps as possible with the first team in preseason games. The only problem is who is that guy? Jackson himself has said that the two have seemed even in OTA’s and mini-camp so how can you choose one before games begin? You can’t!

Whether one outplayed the other on a particular day, or overall in camp, was based on what one was looking for during practice. Jackson, at least publicly, did not think either had an edge.

“So far, I don’t know, it has been kind of even,” Jackson said. “Vick and Foles have been switching off first team, second team. So it is the same thing with them.”(Birds Eye View –

Personally, I have no issues with Chip not choosing a QB before preseason games begin. The team has a completely new offense and both guys seem to be doing well and grasping the concept of it. The only catch is, this is practice. Yes, PRACTICE!

Houston Texans v Philadelphia Eagles

What Chip needs to see is how these two perform in his offense against opposing defenses. Succeeding in practice is one thing but game situations are totally different, even preseason games. What I think Chip should do is select his quarterback before the third preseason game. That’s the most important game, prep wise, and whomever starts that game should be your Week One starter.

Till then all these Eagles players need to shut their mouths and just play some damn football. It’s June for crying out loud, there’s plenty of time to choose your starter. Just be happy you’ve got two guys that are starting caliber and performing well so far.

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