Suh ready to be a leader

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is looking for a new role in 2013. Suh says he feels like’s he is becoming a leader on the team and that he would love to be selected as a captain. Most NFL fans would go what Suh a leader? You know after all the complaints about his “aggressive” style and questionable actions but truthfully this could be a sign that Suh is finally maturing.

Suh doesn’t feel his demeanor on the practice field and in the locker room exclude him from a leadership role.

“I’m quiet in my own ways,” Suh said. “When I feel the need to speak up, when it’s important and I have something on my mind, I think anybody who knows me, my coaches and stuff, know that I’m not afraid to speak up.”

One thing Suh won’t do is try to be someone he’s not. He feels teammates will reject someone who attempts to aggressively assert themselves.

“You always want to be authentic to yourself, because if you’re not authentic to yourself, no one else is going to believe it. If you can’t believe it yourself, what’s the point?”

Much like quarterback Matthew Stafford, Suh feels the Lions are becoming more his team after several veterans moved on this offseason. (MLive)

Suh’s been in the league for three seasons now so he is no longer that young kid feeling the game and league out. He’s now a veteran and had plenty of time to learn how to act on and off the field. To me this sounds like he’s starting to mature and maybe those questionable actions of his will disappear.

What surprised me is Suh doesn’t just want to be a leader of this team, he wants to be a captain.

“Without question, it’s definitely a honor when your peers pick you as a captain and somebody to lead them,” Suh said. “It’s something you hope for, but you never know. You just wait for it come. If it comes, it comes, but even if it doesn’t, there’s still an opportunity to lead in many different ways.”(MLive)

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