Tuck walks over hot coals

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck is taking a different approach to training after a very, very disappointing 2012. ESPN New York is reporting that Tuck paid a visit to the “Unleash The Power Within” seminar hosted by Tony Robbins. Robbins seminars are known to work with attendees on their psyche, conquer personal fears and pretty much reinvigorate them. The seminar is known for it’s ending a walk on hot coals, which Tuck did participate in. All Giants fans I’m sure have the same lump in their throat that I had when hearing this.

“This ain’t no gimmick,” Tuck said. “They were hot. You felt the heat. Even when you come off of them, they spray you down and your feet are smoking and you feel the heat.”(ESPN New York)

Great just what we all want to hear. Luckily the article later followed with this

But Tuck was so mentally amped at the moment of doing the fire walk that, he says, he didn’t feel any pain or suffer any injuries walking over the coals.

“I feel like if I can get my mind to a point where I’m saying I am not afraid of these hot coals and I am going to own this moment, then you can get your mind to own anything,” Tuck said. “You might have a phobia of snakes, that is all mental.”(ESPN New York)

The article goes on to say that Tuck and Robbins spent a lot of time talking and going over everything in Justin’s minds. Mainly his struggles with trying to be the perfect captain and how he beats himself up over poor performances, as he wants to lead by example. I would say that is a valid fear, I mean he is following Michael Strahan and Antonio Pierce.

Since the visit Tuck has said he has been re-energized and still feels that energy today. I’m hoping this can carry over to the football field in 2013 as the Giants need Tuck back to being himself. They need the guy who opponents feared behind that shredder mask of his.

From what Robbins and Tuck said at the end of the article, I’m holding home that the menace is back. Do visit ESPN and read the article as it was a VERY good read.

“The thing that I got from it the most was a renewed confidence in self,” Tuck added. Robbins thinks there’s “a different hunger” in Tuck now.

“There’s a drive in this man to be the best that has been with him his whole life,” Robbins said. “He doesn’t need frickin’ motivating. What he needs to be is unlocked and unleashed. He is unlocked and unleashed.”(ESPN New York)

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