Have the Mets realized they’re Triple-A?

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

The New York Mets have been dreadful again here in 2013 holding a 17-25 record. Only reason they’re not in last place is because they have the luck of playing in the same division as the Miami Marlins. We all knew the Mets would be bad but I don’t think many expected this bad. You would think the young hitters they’ve been trotting out there would be developing, especially someone like Ike Davis, but they aren’t. It’s been so bad the team is thinking of sending some players to Triple-A.

Here’s an idea, for the sake of player development, accountability, and trying something different to shake off a malaise felt by individuals and team: If this three-game home series against Cincinnati, which began on Monday with a 4-3 loss, ends ugly, why not spend the off day on Thursday optioning Davis, Tejada and Valdespin to Triple-A Las Vegas?

According to team sources, the Mets have discussed demoting all three, although not in the dramatic, package-deal fashion suggested here, as far as I know. Sandy Alderson assured Davis on Saturday that the minor leagues were not a serious possibility yet. Well, maybe it’s time for a shakeup, to show an entire roster that jobs are earned here, and the only guy with tenure is at third base. (Andy Martino – NY Daily News)

What Martino is suggesting is an interesting idea. All three players have been horrendous.

Ike Davis – 138 at-bats, .152 avg with 4 hr, 9 rbi and 48 strikeouts.
Ruben Tejada – 155 at-bats, .213 avg with 0 hr, 10 rbi and 18 strikeouts.
Jordany Valdespin – 78 at-bats, .218 avg with 3 hr, 11 rbi and 16 strikeouts.


All have shown promise and are players that the Mets want to build around but they simply aren’t performing. The easy bet to be sent down at the moment is Valdespin as he’s only 25 and proven to be very immature and a distraction. Successful teams don’t want distractions so you know a losing team doesn’t either, especially when that player isn’t performing AT ALL.

The team is probably unsure what to do with Davis and Tejada. Both have been in the bigs for a while now but truly need a change of scenery or a chance to get away from the game. Something to clear there heads. A trip to the minor leagues could do that but could also crush the little confidence they still have. So it’s a very delicate situation with the two.

With how lost Davis has looked in 2013 I think you almost have to send him down. If he doesn’t show something before the Memorial Day holiday you just have to take that chance that a demotion winds up a wake-up call. It wouldn’t be the worst of things either as the Mets Triple-A team is in Las Vegas and in the very hitter friendly Pacific Coast League.

For the Mets future they’ll obviously need to make a move soon but what’s the right move? The problem there is when was the last time the Mets have made a right move?

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