Evan Mathis thinking of Tebow

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Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Evan Mathis has been on a comedic tear lately. The other day he tweeted the photo of him “pissing” on a sign outside the IRS building. Well today he’s gone in a different direction. Mathis tweeted former New York Jets “QB” Tim Tebow a photo and message, letting him know that he’s thinking of him.

Personally, I thought it was pretty funny. I saw this photo on Facebook the other day and never thought of associating it with Tebow.

Today’s tweet and photo though makes me wonder. Is Mathis really this funny of a guy, having some fun with his twitter followers? Or is he now just trying to extend his 15 minute minutes of fame? Some will say he’s just an ass for the way he’s joking (disclaimer: I don’t think that).

I haven’t followed Mathis that long so what do his twitter followers and Eagles fans have to say?

Evan Mathis - funny or extending fame?

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