VIDEO: FC Barcelona drunk bus celebration

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Friday, May 17th, 2013

The footage from the FC Barcelona championship parade might be the best I’ve ever seen. Everyone here in America will argue that their teams was the best, especially Philadelphia thanks to Chase Utley’s “World Fucking Champs” comment. But I say this is the best because in America our players celebrate by waving to fans and taking pictures of the crowd. FC Barcelona took their celebration for winning the 2013 La Liga title to another level.

The team was absolutely smashed during their parade. In this video you see the players drinking, dancing, play fighting, flipping the occasional bird and wait that’s not it. Falling down and falling onto each other because they’re so drunk.

This is the type of celebration I want to see! You played your hearts out all year long to win that championship so enjoy it. Yea the fans think the parade is for them to cheer but really it’s about you, so get on your drunk bus and party hard!

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