Burke surprised by the Pistons

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Former Michigan point guard Trey Burke is one of the top prospects in this years NBA Draft class and is obviously gaining a lot of attention at the combine. Burke isn’t working out for teams but has been interviewing with lottery eligible teams. Some have said Burke could be the top pick in the draft which makes it very surprising that the lottery eligible Detroit Pistons haven’t come calling.

Later Thursday, Burke is slated for at least six more interviews with pro squads.

Does he have one with the Detroit Pistons?

“No, I don’t,” Burke said Thursday. “I was actually surprised. But talking to my father (and agent, Benji Burke), he said some teams do that just to not let other teams know that they’re interested (in a player).

“I don’t know. I don’t think they’re going to bring me in for an interview.” (MLive)

The Pistons currently hold the seventh pick and do have a chance to move into the top three at Tuesday’s NBA Draft Lottery. Even at the seventh position there is an outside chance Burke falls to them, so why wouldn’t they talk to him?

Burke brought up great points in the interview that everyone would agree with.

“My fans from Michigan would definitely still be supporting me if I’m with the Pistons, that’d be great,” Burke added. “But whoever I go to, I’m going to be proud, and I’m going to work hard.

“I know both (Piston big men Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe) personally, it’d be great to have an opportunity to play with them. But we’ll see.” (MLive)

Burke landing in Detroit would be huge for him and the team. His followers from Michigan would get to continue to see him play regularly and the Pistons would reap the benefits when it comes to attendance and memorabilia sales. Sounds like a win win to me.

So yea, I too am surprised that Burke hasn’t heard from the Pistons.

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