Reggie positioning himself for Pacers front office

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Former Indiana Pacers star Reggie Miller made a little news yesterday in an interview with the Indy Star. In the interview, Reggie talked about many things, the team itself, the New York Knicks chances for a comeback and of course his good buddy Spike Lee. What caught my attention was a question about him moving into a NBA front office.

Q: You have the life of luxury. You work one day a week during the regular season. But how much do you think about running a team in the front office?

A: All the time. It would have to be the right situation (and), for me, the only situation I know is Indiana.

Those competitive juices always flow. During the regular season, not so much because it’s only one day a week. It really picks up come the end of March and April when the playoffs are about to start and we have a lot of games. That’s when my blood starts to boil and I start to sweat a little bit more. I’m in the action because every possession means something.

That’s when I think I could possibly do that. Again, it’ll have to be the right situation. We’ll see. I’m not going to broadcast forever. I’ll probably want to do something else in basketball, which will probably be running a team or at least helping run a team.(Indy Star)

As a Knicks fan I’ve never been a fan of Reggie but I do have tons of respect for him. I do think he could be a good front office guy, much better then he would be as a coach. He’s spent a lot of time in the broadcast booth and he was always a huge student of the game as a player, all the way till his retirement.

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What I find interesting though is his statement that all he knows is Indiana. I think it’s respectable that a player will only want to work for the team who took a chance on him and had a great working relationship. It shows how much he loves the fan base and organization.

What it does is make me wonder how much he actually does want to work in a front office. If it’s a path he truly wants to take wouldn’t he want to go where ever he could get a job? Then work his way to his dream job like most do?

I can see a marriage between the team and former star within the next couple years. In what capacity I don’t know but it would definitely get the fan base even more worked up.

My main concern is what kind of pressure does this put on the current front office to perform?

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