Milliner not guaranteed starting role

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

New York Jets rookie cornerback Dee Milliner isn’t being guaranteed anything this summer. Milliner was the ninth overall pick and was expected to step right into the starting lineup opposite Antonio Cromartie. Defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman said in a conference call today that Milliner will have to compete for that role, it won’t just be handed to him.

“We feel like he’ll come in and compete with the others, and may the best man win,” Thurman said. We’re always about competition here, you’ve got to go out and you got to compete and you’ve got to earn the job.”

“If he earns the job, great, if he doesn’t, it just means that someone else stepped up and performed at a high level throughout OTAs, minicamp and training camp,” the coordinator said. “We’re going to play the best guys, no matter where they were drafted.” (New York Daily News)

Personally, I think the Jets have all intentions on starting Milliner if he were healthy but there lies the problem. Dee still hasn’t participated in any of the teams off season workouts as he’s recovering from surgery on a torn labrum. He’s not expected to participate in any of the upcoming mini-camps either.

He’ll be ready for training camp but is going to have a lot of ground to make up. Thurman’s comments might have been made to light a fire under Milliner’s ass to make sure he’s ready when that time comes.

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