Macklemore not happy with OKC

by Paul Raymond | Posted on Monday, May 13th, 2013

It appears the Oklahoma City Thunder might be in some hot water for their choice of music during this years playoff run. The Thunder have been using Macklemore’s newest single “Can’t Hold Us” at various points during the game to pump up the crowd. While the Thunder have most likely paid for the rights to use it, Macklemore isn’t happy one bit.

The song has been used all around. It’s been used by ESPN for College Gameday and also in a Microsoft Outlook commercial. The reason he’s upset is this song is connected to his beloved Seattle Supersonics and not intended for the Thunder. The team that formerly resided in Seattle. Former Sonic player Detlef Schrempf has even come to Macklemore’s defense.

I’m sure the Thunder will keep using the song but don’t expect Macklemore to be cheering them on. The Thunder really know how to rub salt in open wounds huh?

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