Khan fascinated by Tebow fascination

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Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars are completely insane about bringing “quarterback” Tim Tebow to their team. They’re so crazy about it that they even petitioned President Barack Obama to help. All of this has Jaguars owner Shad Khan completely “fascinated” about the attention. Now let’s not confuse that with being fascinated about the prospect of Tebow playing for his team, that still looks like it won’t happen any time soon.

“It’s a free country,” Khan said Tuesday at the NFL’s Career Development Symposium. “You got a democracy. So people have a right to express themselves.”

Khan is fascinated by all the Tebow questions directed at his team.

“We’re looking for the best players obviously for us that help us win,” Khan said. “How many players are in the NFL? I would assume it’s 90 X 32 at this point, right? So, ballpark about 3,000 players, correct? Why one player? … Why do you ask about one player? What about the other 2,999?

“Because I’m fascinated with that,” Khan added. (NY Daily News)

Khan did toy around with the idea of trading for Tebow last summer but that obviously fell through when he was shipped to the New York Jets. Normally an owner would reconsider when that player becomes available again but there’s no way he’s going to sabotage his new coach and general manager before the season even starts.

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